I do Bible study a little bit differently

Have you ever wondered if God cares about your problems?

Or felt like your prayers evaporate into thin air above your head never to be seen again?

Or wished Jesus would look at you and say something healing?

My friend, I spent all of 2018 in the book of Mark and found this one little passage in Mark 1:40-45 so intriguing. I kept coming back to it over and over again using a process of spiritual reading that allowed me to enter the story of Jesus and a leper.

As I returned to the passage over time, questions rose in me like the ones above. Eventually, they settled on “Am I willing to believe Jesus wants to heal me?” What a powerful question! I had to wrestle with the fact that I don’t always believe he wants to. The question exposed my lack of faith and led me to the Lord.

Perhaps you wrestle with similar questions.

I wrote Jesus is Willing: An 8 Day Experience to guide you into the heart of Jesus for you.

8 Day Experience is the process of spiritual reading that I have been using for ten years and the church has used for centuries longer. In this beautiful 30 page digital download, I guide you through reading and reflecting on Mark 1:40-45 bringing your own questions to the surface so you can bring them to the Lord. Your experience will be unique based on your life and relationship with the Lord.

Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Get Instant Access

    Download the beautiful full color, 30 page document. Also includes a printer friendly version.

  • Choose your own schedule

    8 Day Experience works well even if you skip a day or two and is perfect for busy schedules.

  • Go Deep with Jesus

    Read Mark 1-40-45 and let it shape you over multiple exposures.

  • Questions guaranteed to make you think

    Answer thought-provoking questions you'll be thinking about all day not just during quiet time.

  • Find community

    Join the 8 Day Experience Facebook group to meet others experiencing the same passage.


Invest in your walk with the Lord for about $1 per day.

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What people are saying about Jesus is Willing: An 8 Day Experience

  • Tracy, host of Reboots Podcast
    Over the years, I’ve felt stuck in my spiritual growth. I sit with my Bible and my eyes dart across the letters, but the words don’t make it to my brain, my heart. Finally, it occurs to me that I’m not a slacker because what I’ve been doing to draw closer to God is no longer working. I’m not spiritually weak because scripture no longer speaks to me the way it did. I’m human. 8 Day Experience helped me see a familiar story through different lenses. At first, I was an observer, as Jesus encountered the leper. Through subsequent readings and responding to questions in the study, I became the leper. And Jesus was no longer a guy from the pages of history. He was speaking to me. If you’re looking for a different way to encounter Scripture - and ultimately Christ - 8 Day Experience is for you.
    Tracy, host of Reboots Podcast
  • Bill, middle school teacher
    It’s a fresh approach that brings the sense of a serious Bible study while still being digestible.
    Bill, middle school teacher
  • Erin, busy mom
    8 Day Experience creates space for my heart to be curious. It opens God’s Word in deep ways that empower readers to wrestle with how Jesus sees us and how we respond to Him.
    Erin, busy mom

Refresh your relationship with Jesus by changing your relationship with the Bible.

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